How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Firework Season

Many dogs are terrified of fireworks. Loud whistles, pops, and bangs leave them shaking with fear. As a result, they are liable to panic. If you are worried about your furry friend during firework season, read on to discover how to provide a calm, safe environment.

Keep your dog Indoors

Take your dog out for a walk long before the possibility of fireworks going off arises. Remember, even if organized shows begin at specific times, other displays might take place in private gardens. When night falls, shut windows and doors to reduce the sound of bangs inside. Doing so will also mean your pal can’t bolt outside in a fit of panic when the noise begins. Shutting curtains to dim bright flashes of light and switching on indoor lights will be helpful as well.

Provide a Haven

Most dogs react to fireworks by wanting to hide, so it’s kind to create a safe, comfortable place for them to hunker down. Provide bedding to snuggle into and a bowl of fresh water in their haven. Suitable locations include under the bed or in a cupboard.

Mask the Noise of Fireworks

Since the bangs and fizzes of fireworks disturb dogs, mask the noise they make. Play music, or turn up the sound on your TV. Make the sounds coming from indoors slightly louder than the fireworks, and your dog won’t find them so alarming.

Be Calm

As you’re the pack leader, your dog looks at your demeanor to assess whether situations are dangerous. The best way to behave when fireworks are going off is to maintain your usual carefree state rather than sympathizing with your pal. Laughter and casual banter will send the message everything’s fine, and there’s no need to panic.

Added Security

You would be distraught without your dog, so reduce the likelihood of an escape taking place. Check doors are secure several times in the evening – you might have accidentally left them ajar – and tell visitors in the house to keep them closed. Also, get your dog microchipped, just in case the worst case scenario does happen so finding his or her whereabouts will be easier.


Most dogs are frightened by the noise and flashes fireworks make, but you can reduce their impact. Walk your dog in the day rather than the evening, and shut doors and windows when night falls. Provide a haven, and maintain a carefree attitude to let your dog know everything’s alright. Additionally, have your furry pal microchipped, and remind visitors to keep the doors closed.


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How to Keep Your Dog Safe During Firework Season

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